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We Are a Global Network of Purpose-Driven,  Heart-Based Difference-Makers, Entrepreneurs, Leaders – People Like You, Dedicated to Living More Consciously, Making a Positive Impact and Having Amazing Lives.

We are a mentorship community with a mission to "Elevate Consciousness by  shifting the conversations happening inside us and around us." 

We are dedicated to supporting authentic integrated leaders, who are building platforms of purpose atop a strong emotional and spiritual (non-dogmatic) foundation. We provide in depth leadership training that develops the leader from the inside out so you can make a true impact in the world from a place of embodied authenticity.  It starts with New Paradigm Leader.  If someone sent you here, you're probably one of them.

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The way you speak and lead is among the most important leadership skills you can acquire and embody.  It's more so now than it's ever been.  Whether you're leading a business, a team, a community, a workshop or a conversation at your dinner table, you're being called up - just like we all are - to new ways of connecting and communicating with those around you. New Paradigm Leader is a conscious communication and leadership program that brings you deeper into yourself, your purpose, and your leadership.

Your Patterns.  Your Perspectives. Your Paradigm.

If you're a corporate leader, HR specialist, or manage or lead teams, click below to find out how New Paradigm Leader can support you and your team during this important time.

Because of this work I am creating a viable and successful business doing more public speaking, and my relationships are improving.

I knew I needed to step up and be who I am.  I felt alone and wanted support by people of like minds. I knew I wanted a team and I wasn't sure what I was looking for.  When I met Tracey and George, I knew I was home. I felt safe, confident, and aligned. I wanted to learn how to open to a new team moving away from the traditional form of my team of the past 30 years in business and get to be who I really am."

Steffi Jo
~Artist, Writer, Essence Coach

We Are Tracey Trottenberg
& George P. Kansas

We are Leadership and Language "Alchemists." Our passion is to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams to Speak and Lead with Love. Our purpose is to elevate and accelerate consciousness on the planet. With over 50 years combined of experience leading transformation, we help Amazing Leaders like you who want to make a genuine impact in the world from ‘the inside out’. We bring proven strategies and timeless principles to your everyday life and work so you can lead and communicate in more conscious and embodied ways. 


Every month, a percentage of Amazing International’s revenue goes to “Voices for Love" our 501-C3 Non-Profit Organization. We support heart-centered difference makers with their passion projects providing them education, leadership training, scholarships, fundraising, awareness, support, community and empowerment.

We help those who are finding their voice, not able to speak for themselves, or are not being heard. Your voice will make a difference. As you work on yourself and invest in your evolution and awakening, you help those in need. Together, WE make the world safer, kinder and more caring for the children, animals, women, cancer survivors, and our Mother Earth.

"George and Tracey as leaders is what separates this from others."

"It's a different conversation. As it went on, I realized that it's not about me doing more - I'm not a doing machine. No amount of studying and new knowledge will help me be more heard and self-expressed. It's about who I am being, and that was the shift."

Brandy Rainey-Amstel
~ Film Maker, Transformational Artist
Austin, Texas

Welcome to Amazing International's Premier Membership Community.  We Are a Global Network of Spiritually-Inspired,  Heart-Based Difference-Makers, Entrepreneurs, Leaders – People Like You Dedicated to Living More Consciously and Having Amazing Lives.

Your Heart is Calling You to Be A More Amazing You. We Are Calling
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You Have Greatness Inside You Ready to Emerge.
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