Welcome home, Brother! 

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You’re here on purpose. The person who shared this with you sees something in you. It’s a discerning brotherhood. Click below to save your spot.  Choose a payment plan or pay in full and secure your spot on the October Prep Call!  
We meet in November. Between now and then, there's work to be done!

3 days of brotherhood.  

Learning - through doing - the fine arts of

- knowing yourself,

- trusting yourself and

- BEing yourself!

No man left alone!

Here's how we do it...

  • When you realize that a lot of what was forced upon you about what makes you a man isn't the entire story.  There's more to being a man than "toughing it out" and never allowing yourself to admit to pain. A lot of magic happens when you acknowledge the giant heart that beats in your chest. As many heroes - if not more - are born from love as are born from anger.
  • A man finds out what he's capable of when he explores the limits of his physical comfort and held in the aftermath by trustworthy brothers. We'll do physical things together that make us uncomfortable and together find out what we're made of!
  • A man protects what is dear to him by learning how to handle conflict and dangerous situations.  Learning how to deescalate potentially violent situations is as important as learning how to escape them. We'll learn communication tools to help you negotiate some of life's scariest situations.
  • A man prepares for life's surprises, handles the unexpected, and overcomes the worst.  You'll leave with plans for handling the most feared conditions lurking in the shadows.

The 2023 E.P.I.C. Advance*

*Don't you dare call it a retreat.  ,-)

*Choose Prepay option at check-out and claim your bonuses:

- your spot on a 90-minute prep and coaching call before the Advance.

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- password access to The Prosperity Playground - our popular, live, daily, abundance mindset drop-in call each weekday from now through the Advance. 

($300 value)




Short an sweet? ...

You get:

- immediately gotten!

- the feeling of no longer being alone!

- the experience of walking your path with brothers who understand what you're carrying!

- the kind of brotherhood your grandfather or father may have told you about from "the good old days", except updated for complicated and sometimes confounding modern times.

- a kinship with men who - like you - know there's more to them then all of the old masculine stereotypes. Complicated men with giant feeling and generous hearts, influential voices and powerful purpose.


A percentage of each registration goes to “Voices for Love” 501c3 non profit - as you invest in supporting yourself, you also support other conscious difference-makers engaged in work that makes the world a safer, more loving, and compassionate place for children, women, men, animals, the Earth, and all life. We support those people’s efforts, their leadership, and the loving causes they’re involved in.


during our 3 days together

  • The art form that is how to communicate what you want.
  • Creating the conditions for the Universe to support you.
  • Managing fear and the stories you tell.
  • How bad you want what you want.
  • Your place in the world and what what your soul has to do with it.
  • A whole new meaning of the word: discipline.
  • How to create Safe and Sacred space with men.

Is This Right For Me?

EPIC is Designed for:

• Entrepreneurs • Business  Owners • Healers • Husbands • 

• Dads on a Mission • Partners • Lovers •
• Professionals • Tinkerers •


You are here to make a difference. Whether it's at home or at work, you are here to lead. You understand that growing yourself is a must, and you are committed to coming out of these challenging times even better.

Tools to Turn Emotion into Positive Motion

You want to be be more resourceful in the face of challenges. To have a safe space for you to learn and practice without being imposed upon matters to you. 

Authentic Conversations for Getting What You Want

You want to be there for others and not feel pushy or try to convince. You want to get over emotional hurdles to get what you want and be of service to others.  

Feeling Good in Your Skin

You're in it for the long haul, and want to be there for your family and friends, as much as for your work and purpose. Taking care of yourself while taking care of others is a must - only you haven't really known how but are ready to now.


And navigate these times with a pack of men committed to coming through these challenging times (full of opportunity)

Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 3, 4, & 5, 2023

Camping Accommodations (Bring Your Gear)

Come with a brother and share your gear.  
Gear list will be provided after registration.

Showers, Beverages and all Meals provided.

Daily Schedule subject to adjustment based on enrollment, weather and interest.

Day One

- Know Yourself and what makes you tick.

- Break the patterns and stories that keep you stuck.

- How to really connect with others, break down barriers and build community around you.

Day Two

- Like and Love Yourself

- What it takes to be ready for anything

- Handling trouble and protecting yourself and those you care about.

Day Three

- Trust and Express Yourself

- What the world needs from you that ONLY YOU can give it.

- Owning the power of your voice!

"This guy is a bad-ass. 
George is "that guy". 

"George is the guy who called me out.  I was out there already making millions of dollars, helping people all over the world, delivering programs, writing books and screenplays, and nevertheless I needed the King Maker to call me out of the cave and save my f*-ing life.  If he hadn’t done that, I may not be living the life I’m living right now.  And that’s for real. In terms of how I stepped up to be part of the brotherhood and be with my wife, grow my business the way I am and the way I’m showing up.  That is directly because of George."

Derek Rydall
~ Transformational Thought Leader, International Best-Selling Author of The Abundance Project and Emergence, Actor, Screenwriter
Los Angeles, California

xxWho's behind all of this?

Meet George P. Kansas, Know His Vision

The heroes you've been waiting for are gathering.

One of them looks back at you in the mirror!

There's only one way to get in on it!

"George continues to play an integral role in my personal expansion and spiritual evolution. He consistently calls me UP to be my greatest self.

 " He's supported me through some of the most challenging transformations of this life's journey. With a simple question, 'Are you ready to be seen?' and his heartfelt, focused gaze of sincerity, he lovingly pulled me out of a false programmed loop of doubt that held me back for years."

 "George is a healer and an inspiration. He sees and speaks the Truth and in doing so, ignites the Truth living inside all of us. His knowing is strong because he continues to live his Truth. He  always shows up and is always eager and open to do what must be done for his own personal transformation and the greater good of all.  I am more on purpose and in love with life today because of his example, loving support, and Divine guidance." 

"I appreciate deeply and love wholeheartedly this man, this Maker and Guardian of Kings!" 

Rev. John Michael Maury
~ Transformational Performer, Singer/Songwriter, Medical Improv Pioneer, and Actor (Heroes)
San Diego, California

"George is solid gold!" 

"He is invested, he is noble, he is smart, he knows, and he owns his sh*t, as well. He is the man I'll go to the battlefield  with again and again. To that man, I vow."

Dionisio Ceballos
~ Monumental Artist & Muralist, Emmy Award winning film maker.
Mexico City, Mexico/Los Angeles, California


George Peter Kansas is an international speaker, recognized coach and respected intuitive guide to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. A speaker for three decades, George has shared the marquee with inspirational greats like Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy.   George has written 9 books, is a former lawyer, single dad, 2-time cancer survivor and now “presence advisor” to some of America’s most talented rockstars.

A note from George:

Brother, EPIC represents for me the culmination of 30 years of being a reliable and effective brother, friend and mentor.  In the Human Design (if you're familiar with that), I'm a Reflector. A rare design that uniquely gives me the ability to hold space for deep transformation without judgment or shame.  I'm at once both a rock and a mirror.  These gifts have enabled me to support amazing and extraordinary men - like you - from around the world.  

I'm thrilled to join forces with Bodhi and Laurence to host an EPIC three day journey with you.

Bodhi Sabol is a renaissance man. As an off-road car racer, investor, outdoorsman, father of two, and inventor, Bodhi has led men's work in the area of sexual self-mastery.  He's also an expert in helping people heal their relationship with money. He brings an enthusiasm for holding men in their exploration of polarity as well as a commitment to embodying what men holding men looks like. 

Laurence Abrams is passionate about many things.  Having sold a successful business that he grew passionately for decades, he now directs that enthusiasm toward growing avocados, raising chickens and stewarding his amazing farm on a gorgeous hillside in Bonsall, CA.  The very same hillside that will host you and your brothers as you journey within.  Known as the CEO Yogi, Laurence is an accomplished coach and is also a trained Wim Hof ice immersion instructor.  In addition to curating an amazing space for our advance, Laurence will lead the group in breath and ice work during our advance.

Join The E.P.I.C. Advance for yourself. For your loved ones. For the world.

The full life you promised yourself when you were a kid is within your grasp. In order to claim it, you must fully and authentically occupy your space

as a man, a warrior, a disruptor, a lover, a poet, a creator. . .

as a King!

Regardless of what you call him, only in the context of a powerful brotherhood, can you feel safe enough to unearth and awaken the inner amazing man under your conditioned surface. Only surrounded by a powerful brotherhood can you bring forth your most authentic, inspired, and expressed bad-ass, focused, and  accomplished self!

An E.P.I.C. man is a warrior, a creator, a maverick and a misfit. Sometimes all at the same time. Part monk, part superstar, part dragon!


You've been challenged . .  and you're still here!

Explore the farthest reaches of your potential surrounded by a powerful Brotherhood, encouraged - not judged, not imposed upon - supported to bring the most potent version of you into the world.


In the space of the E.P.I.C. Advance, you'll be supported, do the exploration, and discovery, be embraced by a brotherhood the likes of which you've never known before...

to Awaken Your King,
to consciously embody your power, 
and occupy your space.... So that you can...:

- identify and attract the kind of women or men you want to be with

(and who are actually healthy for you)

- powerfully claim your purpose on this planet

- confidently and clearly express your mission and purpose

- be supported and encouraged without agenda

- unapologetically stand in your wisdom, power , and knowing

- focus on building your business or career AND create the relationships and lifestyle you desire

- have more fun with healthy, evolved, and conscious new friends

"If you feel like you are so damn close to being the best you can be and just need a boost to have it all manifest and make your dreams come true, then GPK  (George P. Kansas) is your fuel." 


Voices For Love, Inc. is an approved 501c3 charitable corporation created to expand consciousness, magnify impact, and spread the experience of love, kindness, and well-being in mind, body, emotion, and spirit on this planet by supporting passion projects with education, training, fund-raising, awareness, support, community, empowerment, and/or encouragement.

Voices For Love supports conscious difference-makers engaged in work that makes the world a safer, more loving, and compassionate place for children, women, men, animals, the Earth, and all life. We support those people’s efforts, their leadership, and the loving causes they’re involved in.

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