• AMAZING INTERNATIONAL INC. and Voices For Love, Inc. present...

Live 7-week Program

 Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas & 

George P. Kansas


We are in a time of great change. 

To adapt to this change

- to survive and indeed thrive -

we need to shift out of old thinking 

into something higher. 

A new way of elevating ourselves,

our conversations and the consciousness

with which we are looking ahead.

The old thinking brought us here,


new thinking will lift us out. 

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” 


For there to be an evolution of consciousness...

Something actually has to EVOLVE.

That something, or someone, 

is YOU.

Welcome to 


For 7 weeks,
you will be supported, guided, and coached to step more fully into the leader you desire to BE for your business, family, friends, and communities. 

The results you'll experience include how to: 

Flow Through Feelings and Fear for Greater Focus
(The Power of PERSPECTIVE) 
  • What to do with all these emotions? 
  • How to connect with people authentically so you can be more effective
  • Vulnerability as a leader - how to be empowered as you share more from your heart
Have Sacred Conversations During Challenging Times 
(The Gift of PRESENCE) 
  • Authentic sales conversations that don't feel pushy
  • Getting over emotional hurdles to making the sale
  • How to invite people to work with you and navigate whatever comes up

Be the Calm in the Chaos - the Essentials of Self-Care  
(The Discipline of PRACTICE) 
  • How to be less chaotic, stressed and frustrated, and instead experience more peace, grace and groundedness
  • Learn ways to be more resourceful in the face of challenges and where your resources need to be invested
  • Not trying to do and be everything to all people - how to laser in and maximize your energy and efforts
Create New Habits for New Times 
(The Healing of PATTERNS)
  • Reevaluate old beliefs that aren’t serving you in this ‘new’ world.
  • Shed old patterns and replace them with new ones that are more restorative and supportive for your life, business and day-to-day experience
  • Create habits that support your well-being, joy and greater resilience
Be a Safe Harbor in the Storm
(The Essence of PARTNERSHIP)
  • Deepen connections with others, whether in person or virtually 
  • Invite conversations that feel more respectful, kind and mutually-beneficial 
  • Be held in a community where you are supported and seen as you expand your capacity to be that for others
Step More Fully into Your Mission
(The Truth of PURPOSE)
  • Connect more deeply with your purpose, especially in these turbulent times
  • Take inspired action from being in greater alignment 
  • Have more quality time with others and yourself

You will learn the tools to be an effective, caring leader who is able to serve the needs of those you are called to lead without stepping over or ignoring your own needs for health, calm, balance, compassion and connection.

You will have a safe community of leaders who will provide you with a place to be heard and seen, without imposition. 

Do you envision a world that is better than it is now?

Do you desire to be part of positive changes - in your family, community, clients, or world at large? 

Do you want to use your voice to create more meaningful conversations around your dinner table? With your clients and prospects? On social media and other platforms? Around the board room table? In a Zoom or Google meeting room?

In your community?

We believe that you are here “for such a time as this” to bring your voice and leadership forward now - for your family, community, clients and the world.

Not next week.  Not when the economy recovers. Not “after this is over.” 




If not now, then when? If not you, then who?


This is not just a cliché or pithy statement. This is a genuine question we’re asking you right now.

During this time of evolution, we are being invited to look more deeply at ourselves, our structures and systems. To wake up to the ways that no longer work, and to bring forward new possibilities to help us all get through these unprecedented times and come out better on the other side.

It is in times of crisis, like this, when true leaders are forged in challenge and opportunity.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, and it doesn’t feel that now is your time to step more into your leadership - at home, at work and in the world - and help shape and steer things toward a better direction, this might not be for you. That’s ok.

BUT... if you know in your heart that you have a calling inside and it IS time to move towards your vision, then you’re in the right place!

Knowing and owning your purpose, crystalizing your vision, developing your leadership and discovering how to stand out from the noise is available to you now, more than ever.

It might not seem like it. It may even seem like this is the time to pull back. Not true!

You deserve to give yourself the chance to be the leader you know in your heart you want to be, even if you don’t know how, if, or what (that’s exactly what we’ll help you with, whether you’re crystal clear or not sure at all.)

If you feel a calling in your heart and soul, and want to help and serve others in a bigger way. then you’re on the right path, and now that you’re here, you’re in the right place!

This calling is yours to claim.

You don’t have to have it all figured out,

but you do have to choose and take action towards that which will bring you closer to honoring your truth, and learning how to share your vision and voice in a way that feels authentic and real for you.

The challenge many of us face is the moment your head jumps in and that inner voice says things like:

"Who am I to think I can make a difference when things are crazy and unknown right now?”

"Now isn’t the time to speak up because everyone seems mean and divisive!”

“I’m tired from having worked so hard! I want to share my gifts but can’t do it the same way I used to, but have no clue yet how to do this differently!”

“I’m scared of being the only one talking about things in a more positive way (online, at the dinner table, etc). Better to be quiet and not upset anyone.”

“On my own, I can’t possibly make a difference, or create equality, or change the system, or …”

Those thoughts are vicious, even though they think they’re being helpful, realistic and reasonable. 

They keep you stuck, small and scared to step into your purpose, share your views and move towards change.

The truth is...

  • You don’t have to go at it alone, try to figure it all out or struggle to find new ways to navigate these challenging times. 
  • You don’t have to feel afraid or shut down because you feel emotional, don’t know what to do, or feel like the only one who wants to engage in more positive conversations and explore what’s possible.
  • You don’t have to stay stuck or feel powerless to the circumstances in the world, economy or ‘powers that be’.


To Ask Right Now

What will happen if things stay the same because you held yourself back, didn’t make a decision and were unwilling to change?


If you don’t take some leaps in the way you do things now, where will you be in a month...five months...a year? How will things be for your family, business, community, world if you don’t go for your purpose and dreams?

Will you complain that things are hard, and judge yourself for not taking more steps to make a difference?


Will you feel like you didn’t listen to your heart and that ‘still small voice inside’ and stepped over your deeper inspiration?


Will you regret you didn’t use this window of opportunity to change some habits and evolve?


These are real questions we need to ask ourselves right now.

It’s what we’ve been immersed in here.

When the pandemic hit and things started to change, we immediately dove deep into asking ourselves “what’s the highest possibility of what’s happening now?” We searched inside ourselves to explore “how can we emerge out of this better than before - for ourselves and our community?

We’ve been crystal clear that this is our purpose and focus. We dug in and have been doing the work. We had moments that were hard, soul crushing, and confusing. We recalled times in the past when we felt stuck in confusion and fear, and wanted to bring more of ourselves and our voices out, but didn’t know how, so we didn’t take action. But then we remembered all the times we did take action. And we did share our voices. And let our hearts lead as we listened to the calling inside and go for what we desired.

We’ve done this for ourselves, over and over, and helped thousands of others do the same!

That’s why we’re devoted to helping you do the same so you can step into your truth, your voice and your leadership... as the real and amazingYOU!

Our Greatest Joy and Purpose 


  • Are you ready to take better care of yourself so you can lead and help others?
  • Do you desire to create connection in ways that feel more loving and honoring?
  • Do you yearn to be a leader at home, on social media, in business or on stage and help others find their way through these challenging times?
  • Do you desire to be more present with the people you care about and help them navigate these uncertain waters?
  • Do you want to feel more in your power as you navigate challenges?
  • Do you need to learn tools to feel more safe in your body when things feel scary? 
  • Do you yearn to share your heart, drop your masks and let the real you lead?
  • Do you feel called to speak your message, use your natural talents and manifest more abundance?
  • Do you envision possibilities and want more clarity and confidence to share what you see?
  • Do you want to feel more connected to your spiritual Source and inspiration, and lead from that place?

Together, in this transformational program, we're here to help you:

  • Know yourself
  • Be more clear and confident
  • Pursue your calling AND create positive change
  • Raise your energy and prioritize self care
  • Create more intimate and meaningful connections
  • Lead from your spiritually-aligned, purpose-driven mission
  • Harness and heal your emotional states
  • Be a safe harbor during uncertainty
  • Be accountable to move your vision forward

You have power and greatness inside you that is ready to emerge, whether you’re clear, confused or struggling to own it.

It’s time to let us help you find it within and share it with others in the ways that you dream and feel true for you.


I’m receiving money and opportunities, and creating a new life for my business and myself.

“In March when COVID hit, my business went from performing 360 activity sessions a month to zero. I was scared about my financial situation. I wanted to keep my business running and staff employed but didn’t know how to lead when I didn’t have all the answers. This work and tools, and this amazing community, helped keep me focused on the opportunities instead of the problems and supported me in being more resourceful in finding solutions and expanding into new areas. Now I’m receiving money and opportunities from unexpected sources and creating a new life for my business and myself.”

Deborah Garrett Dana Point, California

How do you know if you're ready to


If you've been:

  • Quiet because you’re not sure what to say, or what’s ok to say, even though you know you have something helpful to share...
  • Worried about the discord and divisiveness you see happening in the world and want to make it better...
  • Ready to change, grow and expand...
  • Yearning to lead and do more, but also feel stuck and stifled...
  • Struggling with how to do your business virtually and create the same connections and good feelings you do in person...
  • Knowing that as much as you want to be ‘light’ and positive, you feel heaviness within and are afraid of your emotions and shadow parts...
  • Craving to be with others of a higher ‘vibe’ and participate in higher level conversations about what’s possible...
  • Looking to create something that lasts, is sustainable and ‘pandemic proof’...
  • Feeling afraid of being shamed or judged online when you share your heart...
  • Yearning for clarity and confidence to speak up about what you believe...
  • Feeling the pain of those around you and not sure how to help.
  • Wanting to take care of yourself and have more energy and resources so you can take care of others...
  • Resisting talking to people, making sales calls, dealing with the uncertainty and handling everyone’s emotions because you don’t want to make it worse or feel overwhelmed...
  • Wanting loving and encouraging support to see where you may be slowing your progress or standing in your own way...
  • Wanting to be part of a community where you can be yourself and not have to apologize, shrink, compare or hide your vision and heart’s desires to make a positive change...

If yes, then you’re in the right place, at the right time, and ready to join others who are living this now.

Because living your purpose and leading in a way that is refreshing is required, especially now!


Feeling on purpose every day and on the days you wobble, having tools and support to lift you back up and get back on track.

Being more grounded and present, even when it seems like the rest of the world is in chaos and flailing around.

Expressing yourself with more confidence and clarity about what’s in your heart, even if you’re the only one who sees it.

Knowing you're investing your precious energy every day to create, lead and serve.

Feeling more resourced and resourceful because you’re taking great care of yourself, and have more to give those you love and care about.

Enjoying the feeling of growing and being part of something meaningful along with others doing the same.


I’m making the changes in my life that I’ve been wanting to make for years!

“When things shut down in March, I went from traveling to deliver live events to having all events postponed until 2021.

My whole life, lifestyle and livelihood changed in an instant. This work with George and Tracey has helped me to see this as a beautiful opportunity to make the changes in my life that I've been wanting to make for almost two years now, and to experience my emotions about all that is going on around me without being paralyzed by it - I'm actually stronger because of it.”

Lisa Enochs Orange County, California

You can Shine Your Light

as the Fullest Expression of Your True Self



Together with you, we’ll roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your leadership: WHO you’re being, HOW you’re showing up in life and business, and HOW to align your Inner and Outer worlds as you STEP into who you’re truly meant to be.

There has never been a better time than right now for you to step into your truth, purpose, vision and voice as the New Paradigm Leader you’re meant to be.

It’s Time For You To Say Yes To You!

  • Yes to your calling and purpose!
  • Yes to leading from your heart!
  • Yes to be more spiritually-aligned and grounded in your truth!
  • Yes to more self care and ‘renewable-energy’ within!
  • Yes to support and community so you’re not alone in your dreams and desires!
  • Yes to your divine calling and truth!
  • Yes to making a difference and having an impact with those who need to be led by you and what you offer!

When things shifted with the pandemic a few months ago, we didn’t have to pivot much because we have been leading virtual intimate gatherings for years.

While the riots were going on here in LA, we could hear them from our window while we sat in meditation and prayer. We cried because we could feel the pain, yet also knew we were being called to hold an even higher watch.


We’ve been focused on our purpose and helping others, believing this is a time for deep inner work and growth.

What we did was double down - triple down - on our inner work, meditating and making sure we’re looking at our patterns, our dreams, our habits and our calling. We managed to stay off social media to not get swayed or lost in the noise. To go within and listen deeply. 

We did this with our clients and community, too - everyone dove into this opportunity to go deeper within. To find their voice and truth, even if they felt shaken and stirred, so they could explore the truth and evolution of their leadership and consciousness - as individuals, parents, partners  and business leaders. 

We do our work everyday - we’re always in process - and after 50 years combined of leading transformation, we know that we’re made for this time. So do our people.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. It doesn’t mean it’s always clear. It definitely doesn’t mean it always feels good. But there’s always that still small voice that knows, and that’s what we focus on. Learning how to make mistakes and keep moving forward.

And, while there’s no exact roadmap for this, we dedicate our time and energy on embodying the practices and principles, ways of living and leading, that continue to give us the confidence to live our lives in truth, peace and ways to thrive in these chaotic times. There are lots of reference points for success in times of trouble, especially for true leaders who can see a future and stand in a vision to help create the next evolution.

This is a New Paradigm Leader.

This is us. This is you.

Our amazing community are living examples of this work working and experiencing amazing results in their lives, businesses, relationships and full self expression!


During these challenging times, I've brought in new clients and I'm closer with my husband than ever!

“In the past, I struggled with negative self-talk. It pulled me down and colored my interactions and kept me from believing more in myself and my value. In the beginning of this work with George, Tracey and the community here, I would do everything in my power to prove that I was right and wasn't worthy by pushing everyone away. Yet the more I pushed, the more the Amazing Community leaned in. When I realized what support I had here, I opened up. By connecting to something bigger than myself and being witnessed in this process, I've gained a ton of tools to catch my negative thoughts sooner and turn them into something more powerful by aligning my energy.”

Beth Nelson - Watsonville, California


I now hold a safe space for the ones I love to share their opinions freely without feeling judged or separate.

“Very often in the past few months, I’ve been hearing conflicting opinions on almost every subject; it does not matter if it’s about health, politics or social beliefs, it seems that a choice of either being for something or against is expected. This work has helped me to be able to show up and hold a safe space for people to share their beliefs. My biggest accomplishment so far is being able to hold conversations at the dinner table where not everyone is of the same opinion and yet everyone can share freely without feeling judged or separated and where Love leads the way.”

Vanesa Curuchet Montreal, Canada


This work helps me stay present and out of fear so I can keep moving forward.

“Among many things, this work has helped me to stay present with a situation and experience, and not create stories. These tools and community help me stay out of the fear and move forward.”

Susie Berez San Diego, California

We created New Paradigm Leader for YOU

Entrepreneurs • Business  Owners • Healers • Authors •

Moms, Dads and Couples with a Mission • Professionals
Coaches  • Speakers • Consultants

This program is designed to bring you deeper into yourself, your purpose and your leadership.

Whether you are leading a business, a team, a group or a conversation at your dinner table, new ways of connecting and communicating with those around us are being called for.

From the very first session, we’ll guide you in learning powerful principles, practices and transformational tools to start creating immediate awareness and shifts so you tap into your deeper truth. You’ll experience a safe place for you to share fears and doubts, dreams and vision as you work through your current challenges and uplevel yourself to elevate your consciousness, now.

During this transformational program you’ll learn to:

Evolve Your Patterns & Personal Energetics 

  • Know how to navigate your emotions and feelings for greater compassion, focus and energy
  • Develop emotional awareness and claim your sensitivity as your superpower
  • Create new habits that are more restorative, profitable and effective for your life, business and relationships
  • Heal shame and bring compassion to yourself so you can do so for others
  • Transform seeming obstacles into opportunities and learn how to gain power over circumstances
  • Apply conscious language tools to immediately shift the way you speak with yourself and with others

Expand Your Perspective & Deepen Your Purpose

  • Discover your internal ‘lens’ and how it either holds you back or sets you free.
  • See yourself more clearly and create new ways of doing things that will bring new results
  • Get under the surface to claim more of your purpose and what you care about.
  • Shift your perspective where necessary to access the clearest path toward your vision
  • Solidify your true purpose to serve your mission during these uncertain times
  • Access your leadership and vulnerability to create connections with others and still stand in your strength
  • Lead new conversations that are focused on respect, kindness and love

Tap Into Your Prosperity & Know Your Impact 

  • Activate prosperity and connect with the true source of your wealth
  • Expand your consciousness to be more resourceful and confident in the face of challenges
  • Engage in sacred sales conversations and ways to support people
  • Lead virtual conversations that create intimacy
  • Become the partner others want to be around - in life and business
  • Know your impact so you pull people and opportunities towards you
  • Give yourself permission to be seen and heard, as the real you
  • Take action from being in greater alignment

Time-Honored Principles and Self-Care Practices

  • Learn to take care of yourself so you have the energy and resources you need for yourself, your work and your family
  • Turning routine into ritual to build new habits for your success
  • Break free from old beliefs that keep you from taking amazing care of yourself
  • Have more quality time and interactions with yourself and others
  • Tools to lead yourself with more compassion and kindness so you can give that to others

And SO much more that’s important for YOU personally!

Most of all, you’ll wake up to your amazingness and realize the true powers you possess within!


Enter you


r text here...

Live Teaching and Transmission Zoom Calls with George and Tracey

You can look forward to 7 weeks of live group calls with us. We’ll get raw and real, and share teaching and transmissions, laser coaching and live Q&A.

Live Breakout Sessions with Your Integration Mentor

Your Amazing Integration Mentors will host intimate breakout groups to support you to personally integrate and implement the tools, training and transformation you’re receiving.

Teaching Modules

Modules and worksheets to deepen the powerful principles you’ll be integrating during the program.

Enter you


r text here...

Detailed Welcome Packet

We want to know you before the program starts! You’ll share your goals and intentions for this program and we’ll review it in detail before we begin. People have breakthroughs just with this, even before the program officially starts!

Private Closed Exclusive Facebook Community

We have a very special way we create safe and sacred space online so you can connect, share what’s coming up for you and deepen your work and growth in our “imposition-free and judgment-free” online environment.

Enter you


r text here...

Access to the Daily “Prosperity Playground"

This daily listen-only meditation call is divine jet fuel for your day. You’ll receive access as soon as you register and can join us every Monday through Friday throughout the program.

Private 1-1 Coaching Session and Follow Up Integration

Go deeper faster with the support of your Amazing Integration Mentor! You’ll receive an Initial Private 60-minute Coaching Session ($300 value) with your Integration Mentor PLUS follow up integration support to help you get clear on your next steps.

Help Others While You Grow Yourself 

A percentage of your registration goes to Voices for Love, Inc. 501c3 charitable corporation created to expand consciousness, magnify impact, and spread the experience of love, kindness, and well-being in mind, body, emotion, and spirit on this planet. Voices for Love supports passion projects with education, training, fund-raising, awareness, support, community, empowerment, and/or encouragement.

Register Before September 2nd and Also Receive This Exclusive Masterclass

“The New Science of Getting Rich: 

Updated for Today’s Modern World”

It's Your Time to Say Yes to YOU!

New Paradigm Leader 

7 Transformational Weeks Including...

  • Weekly Live teaching and transmission classes with George and Tracey
  • Weekly Live breakout sessions with your integration mentor to personalize the teaching and practice the tools
  • Video modules and worksheets
  • 24/7 Private FaceBook group led in an exclusive way
  • Detailed Welcome Packet so we get to know you and your goals


  • Access to the daily “Prosperity Playground” meditation call as soon as you register and throughout the program
  • Private 1-1 Coaching Session and Follow Up Action Plan with your Integration Mentor

The value of this program is well over $4500

Your price for this powerful group experience is only

$997 or
3 payments of $345

Grow Yourself AND Make A Difference For Others!

A Percentage Of Your Registration Supports
Voices For Love, Inc. 501c3 charitable organization.

Here are your New Paradigm Leader Integration Mentors...

Amazing Women living these principles and practices, ready and excited to guide you to the new paradigm version of YOU!

We’re here to raise consciousness in the world, together!"

Vanesa Curutchet is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in Ayurvedic Medicine. She has over 20 years of leadership experience managing large teams in the wellness industry and is passionate about social consciousness and establishing a safe space for effective professional and personal environments.

Deborah Garrett is President/CEO of Living Vibrant Lives Inc and Flashback Music Memories, and has been bringing vintage entertainment, activities and social connection to older adults in assisted living facilities for over 20 years. As an Ambassador of Joy, her mission is to bring people together and help strengthen the connection between mind, body & spirit

A magna cum laude graduate of UC Santa Barbara, Lisa Enochs has been doing corporate entertainment, team building and training for over 20 years. A Certified Trainer in DISC and Emotional Intelligence, she’s gifted at creating a safe atmosphere for groups to learn new, more effective ways to communicate with one another and learn about themselves. Lisa has designed and led programs throughout the U.S., Mexico, Barbados and Trinidad, and loves creating programs that give back to the community.

For over 30 years, Kristy Deegan has moved businesses to multi seven figure numbers, including her own international construction management company in Mexico. Kristy has clients throughout North America and the South Pacific, and is a special part of the Amazing International Inc Team. Impacting the lives of tens of thousands of Corporate Leaders, executive teams, entrepreneurs and business owners internationally through her coaching and training, Kristy has just been chosen as The Woman of the Month for January by P.O.W.E.R. Magazine. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized)

Wendy Crowther is an International multiple business entrepreneur, leader, speaker, educator, certified chef, certified business mentor and certified Life coach. She is a great mum, grandma, love’s nature, animals, yoga, running, healthy living and travelling. She has a passion for working with Women and Teens who want to achieve their dreams especially in times of a crisis or fear. Wendy sold her website and Internet marketing business in California USA to move home to the UK a few years ago to bring a little sunshine to her home town in England. She returned to her Inspirational coaching and mentoring work after working with and alongside her USA powerful mentor/coaches.

Gerri Meverden has been an Entrepreneur for 32 years. As a Financial Advisor for 18 years, she has $30 Million assets under management and has served and helped hundreds of families to build wealth and heal their relationships with money. Celebrating her marriage for 37 years and working with her husband as well, Gerri is a beloved Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Feminine Leader, friend and lifetime learner.

Sonia Meeter serves as the Area Director for Business Networking International (BNI) for the Southern Colorado region and is a Group Leader for Touchstone Crystal, Swarovski’s direct sales division for fashion jewelry. A certified Emotional Intelligence coach, Sonia believes we each have the responsibility for creating an environment hospitable for healing. A coach and consultant for twenty years, she creates a safe space that invites others to see the beauty and humor in all of life’s adventures. Sonia and her husband of 23-years, Kevin, are the adoptive parents to two daughters, and “Lolli & Pop” to their first granddaughter.

Fran Larkin has had a career of leadership in a variety of settings government, corporate and small business for almost five decades.  She currently owns her own business in financial planning, also coaching small business owners in leadership and creating networks.  Conscious and compassionate communication are her keys to creating safety and creativity in meeting life challenges.


How long is this program?

The New Paradigm Leader is a 7 week program (with ongoing access to the modules), starting Wednesday, September 16th. Each week comes with its own teaching and transmission call with George and Tracey (on Zoom at 10 am PST), training topic, and materials to follow along with and time for your questions.

What if I can’t make the live trainings?

We will post the replays of every call inside the Facebook group and within your membership site. This way, you can re-listen as many times as you’d like, whenever you like!

How do I know If I’m the right fit for this program?

Great question! If you’ve made it this far on this page, we know you’re the right fit!

  • If you don’t want cookie-cutter, formulaic solutions or to be put in a box of someone else’s system or template;
  • If you know you have a calling and want to fulfill what’s in your heart;
  • If you want to make a difference for your family, friends, community and business - your world or the world at large;
  • If you’re a seasoned leader and want to expand to serve at the level you know you’re here to fill;
  • If you’re starting and want to fast track your evolution…

Then you’re a right fit for this course and we’d love to have you join us! The moment you join you’ll receive a welcome packet that lets us know your personal goals and intentions for this program. We read this fully and it informs the ways we lead and teach throughout the course. Though this is a group training, we create many ways for you to feel the intimacy and power of this work and this Amazing Community. The moment you join, you become a part of something.


Now isn’t a good time, can I join in the future?

We know from decades supporting change makers and difference leaders that it may rarely feel like the “right time” to dive into a program. We invite you to act now while we’re offering this extensive offering of bonuses, while the groups are intimate, and while there’s so much opportunity to make changes within yourself and the world right now.

How much time will I get?

You’ll get access to both of us, George and Tracey, through the 7 weekly calls where we’ll answer your questions, provide laser coaching and have some time in the private Facebook group.

In addition to time with us, you’ll get small group breakout sessions with your Amazing Integration Mentor each week. You’ll also have your 60-minute private session with your Integration Mentor and you’ll have the opportunity to connect on our very special Facebook private group (it’s truly not like anything else you’ve experienced on social media or in a virtual community.)

What if I decide to join one of George and Tracey’s other programs before my 7-weeks is up?

As a participant in the New Paradigm Leader, if during the program, you purchase another AmazIng International, Inc. program, we will apply your NPL enrollment fee to your next purchase. (This applies to a purchase of the Sacred Circle, Sacred Leadership, or Embodied Leader programs only.)

How do I contact you if I have more questions?

Have any other questions?

Email our team at support@amazinginternational.org with your questions or 

to schedule a call, we’re here for you!


You Have Greatness Inside You

and  It’s Your Time Now

No matter how many things are going on in your life right now, how much success or how little movement you’ve been having, and no matter how unsure or afraid you may feel, you know it’s your time to make a change and become more of the real you.

As a person with a beautiful heart and desire to fulfill your purpose, you're now being seen and called up! You've either been invited here by someone who sees you and cares about you deeply, or you've found your way to this page and followed your own inner guidance.

Please trust that.

The truth is, what’s needed now more than ever in the midst of all the noise – in the world, in social media, in your inbox and maybe even in your own head – is learning how to be real, aligned, and feel safe to come out into the world as all of who you are meant to be.

We’ve designed this in a way that is intimate so you receive real support, breakthroughs, and deeper connection.

Join Tracey and George, and our Amazing Integration Mentors, to experience a new paradigm shift in the way you relate to yourself, your purpose and to the world.

Claim your spot today!

We are George P. Kansas and Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas, and have been pouring our hearts and souls into the work of conscious communication, integrated feminine and masculine leadership, and spiritual awakening for over 50 years combined. By now, you’ve noticed something bold and unique about “New Paradigm Leader."

Why? Because, we like to do things differently. There is a yin and yang to all of us, a push and a pull, a masculine and feminine - an Eagle and a Condor in each of us.

There is wisdom in this interplay of energies, and much to learn from both perspectives and ways of being, and the integration of the two. This is just one of the reasons our teaching together has a unique and powerful impact that works for you from day one.

After years on our own personal journeys, each and both coaching tens of thousands executives, entrepreneurs and teams in conscious communication and leadership, and winning honors that include best-selling author, award-winning international speakers, and - our personal favorite - “spiritual ignitors,” we came together in love and a shared mission to help people like you, find the true and full expression of all that is meant for you, and that you are uniquely and authentically here to fulfill.

As a couple, we feel the growing urgency of bringing the power of masculine and feminine integration and harmony to light. We’re constantly emphasizing and celebrating the critical role this integration plays in healing the planet.

As spiritual guides and “status quo” disruptors, walking this path each day ourselves and leading our Amazing Community, we know from experience that the results of living in this consciousness are juicy, liberating, and truly fulfilling.

Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas has spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of corporate leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, women in business, speakers and authors internationally. With over twenty-five years in corporate and as an entrepreneur, she has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols and others. Tracey is an Award-Winning Speaker, Creator and Co-Author of the best selling book “Faces of the New Feminine Leadership.”

George Peter Kansas is an international speaker, recognized coach, and respected intuitive guide to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. A speaker for three decades, George has shared the marquis with inspirational greats like Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy.   George has written 9 books, is a former lawyer, father and grandfather, 2-time cancer survivor, and now “presence advisor” to some of America’s most talented performers. He wrote the Jumper Cables for the Soul series of books and just completed an updating rewrite of the perennial classic “The Science of Getting Rich”.

What sets us apart is the love we infuse in everything we do, speak, teach, and create. With a combined 50 years of experience on stage and leading transformation - as seasoned entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, corporate and master trainers, Leadership and Conscious Communication experts, we co-lead the “Amazing Life” community and advanced leadership programs.  We also produce and host live experiences, workshops, retreats and group programs as well as host the daily subscription podcast The Prosperity Playground™.  

Our mission is to “elevate and accelerate consciousness on the planet by shifting the conversations happening on the inside and out.” Together we founded the 501c3 “Voices For Love” (formerly “Voices for the Voiceless”) to help spiritually-inclined, heart-centered difference-makers to live fully alive, be fully on purpose, and feel fully expressed by embodying your divinity and embracing your humanness - without ego and without apology.


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Voices for Love, Inc.

Voices For Love, Inc. is an approved 501c3 charitable corporation created to expand consciousness, magnify impact, and spread the experience of love, kindness, and well-being in mind, body, emotion, and spirit on this planet by supporting passion projects with education, training, fund-raising, awareness, support, community, empowerment, and/or encouragement.

Voices For Love supports conscious difference-makers engaged in work that makes the world a safer, more loving, and compassionate place for children, women, men, animals, the Earth, and all life. We support those people’s efforts, their leadership, and the loving causes they’re involved in.

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