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Become Clear and Confident to

Live Your Purpose, Share Your Vision

And Use Your Voice To Fulfill Your Calling  

In These Unprecedented Times.

Habits, Practices and Principles 

To Elevate and Accelerate Your Consciousness

as a Leader and Messenger At Such a Time As This

For 7 weeks,
you will be supported, guided, and coached to step more fully into the leader you desire to BE for your business, family, friends, and communities. The results you'll experience include learning how to: 

Flow Through Feelings and Fear for Greater Focus (The Power of PERSPECTIVE) 
  • What to do with all these emotions? 

  • How to connect with people authentically so you can be more effective

  • Vulnerability as a leader - how to be empowered as you share more from your heart

Sacred Conversations During Challenging Times (The Gift of PRESENCE) 
  • Authentic sales conversations that don't feel pushy
  • Getting over emotional hurdles to making the sale
  • How to invite people to work with you and navigate whatever comes up

Calm in the Chaos - the Essentials of Self-Care  (The Discipline of PRACTICE) 
  • How to be less chaotic, stressed and frustrated, and instead experience more peace, grace and groundedness
  • Learn ways to be more resourceful in the face of challenges and where your resources need to be invested
  • Not trying to do and be everything to all people - how to laser in and maximize your energy and efforts
Habits for New Times (The Healing of PATTERNS)
  • Reevaluate old beliefs that aren’t serving you in this ‘new’ world.
  • Shed old patterns and replace them with new ones that are more restorative and supportive for your life, business and day-to-day experience
  • Create habits that support your well-being, joy and greater resilience
Be a Safe Harbor in the Storm (The Essence of PARTNERSHIP)
  • Deepen connections with others, whether in person or virtually 
  • Invite conversations that feel more respectful, kind and mutually-beneficial 
  • Be held in a community where you are supported and seen as you expand your capacity to be that for others
Step More Fully into Your Mission (The Truth of PURPOSE)
  • Connect more deeply with your purpose, especially in these turbulent times
  • Take inspired action from being in greater alignment 
  • Have more quality time with others and yourself

    You will learn the tools to be an effective, caring leader who is able to serve the needs of those you are called to lead without stepping over or ignoring your own needs for health, calm, balance, compassion and connection.

    You will have a safe community of leaders who will provide you with a place to be heard and seen, without imposition. 

    Here's how we'll do it...

    • 7 Group "Teaching and Transmission" Calls with Laser Coaching and Q&A with George and Tracey
    •  7 "Personalize and Practice" Small Group Sessions with your Integration Mentor
    • Teaching Videos and Practice Worksheets
    • Exclusive Private Facebook Group (we hold a very unique safe and sacred space online that you'll love)
    • Bonus: 2 Months' Access to the "Prosperity Playground" Monday through Friday Listen-Only Meditation Call
    • Bonus: One on One Coaching Call with your Integration Mentor, plus Action Plan Follow Up session

    The value of this program is well over $4000.

    Your special price for this powerful group experience is 

    $997 (best value) or 3 payments of $345


    You get 7 LIVE calls PLUS unlimited access to each session's recording!

    You’ll have 7 LIVE calls as well as access to video replays of each session so you can listen at your leisure and review it as often as you desire, to keep getting the gold that’s packed in each session. Just one nugget could make a real shift for you!  

    ASK any question & receive the SUPPORT you need! 

    During each call we'll open it up for questions and laser coaching. You’ll have time with George, Tracey, and your Integration Mentor. You can ask any question and receive support to take the lessons and make them personal for you.  Plus, you learn from the questions of the other participants. Again, just one nugget could be priceless!

    60 days ACCESS to the “Prosperity PlaygroundTM"

    PLUS, This RARE BONUS: We’re also giving you 60 days access to the “Prosperity PlaygroundTM- our exclusive live, listen-only, wealth consciousness and abundance meditation calls. Start your weekdays off on the right foot in the high vibrational frequency of confidence, clarity, and creativity.


    A percentage of each registration goes to “Voices for Love” 501c3 non profit - as you invest in supporting yourself, you also support other conscious difference-makers engaged in work that makes the world a safer, more loving, and compassionate place for children, women, men, animals, the Earth, and all life. We support those people’s efforts, their leadership, and the loving causes they’re involved in.


    during our 7 weeks together

    • How to find peace when it’s noisy out there, or noisy inside.
    • Practical tools and solutions to be in action, get unstuck, and out of reaction.
    • How to support others going through difficult times and take care of yourself during times of emotional trauma. 
    • How to lead conversations that matter to you and inspire others to action.
    • How to integrate your spiritual side with strategies for success in business and life.
    • Know how to navigate your emotions and feelings for greater compassion, focus and energy.
    • Apply conscious language tools to immediately shift the way you speak with yourself and with others.
    • Find a Safe and Sacred place to share what's really going on for you without judgment or imposition.
    • How to manage and lead yourself through challenges and position yourself to have a bigger impact in your business, with your relationships and with your clients / employees / networking partners. 

    Is New Paradigm Leadership Right For Me?

    We designed this for:

    Entrepreneurs • Business  Owners • Healers • Authors •

    Moms and Dads with a Mission • Professionals
    Coaches  • Speakers • Consultants


    You are here to make a difference. Whether it's at home or at work, you are here to lead. You understand that growing yourself is a must, and you are committed to coming out of these challenging times even better.

    Tools to Turn Emotion into Positive Motion

    You want to be be more resourceful in the face of challenges. To have a safe space for you to learn and practice without being imposed upon matters to you. 

    Authentic  Conversations

    You want to be there for others and not feel pushy or try to convince. You want to get over emotional hurdles to share your vision and ideas, make a sale and be of service to others.  

    Feeling Good in Your Skin

    You're in it for the long haul, and want to be there for your family and friends, as much as for your work and purpose. Taking care of yourself while taking care of others is a must - only you haven't really known how but are ready to now.


    The value of this program is well over $4000.

    Your special price for this powerful group experience is 

    $997 (best value) or 3 payments of $345




    Tracey Trottenberg-Kansas has spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of corporate leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, women in business, speakers and authors internationally. With over twenty-five years in corporate and as an entrepreneur, she has shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols and others. Tracey is an Award-Winning Speaker, Creator and Co-Author of the best selling book “Faces of the New Feminine Leadership.” 

    George Peter Kansas is an international speaker, recognized coach and respected intuitive guide to performers, athletes, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. A speaker for nearly three decades, George has shared the marquis with inspirational greats like Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Brian Tracy.   George has written 8 books, is a former lawyer, single dad, 2-time cancer survivor and now “presence advisor” to some of America’s most talented rockstars.

    What sets George and Tracey apart is the love they infuse in everything they do, speak, teach, and create. With a combined 50 years of experience on stage and leading transformation, these seasoned entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, corporate and master trainers, Leadership and Conscious Communication experts, co-lead the “Amazing Life” community and advanced leadership programs, as well as host live experiences, workshops, retreats and group programs. They also host the daily podcast “The Prosperity PlaygroundTM ."  Their mission is to “elevate and accelerate consciousness on the planet by shifting the conversations happening on the inside and out.” Together they founded the 501c3 “Voices For Love” (formerly “Voices for the Voiceless”), and help spiritually-inclined, heart-centered entrepreneurs, executives, coaches, speakers, authors and difference-makers to live fully alive, be fully on purpose, and feel fully expressed by embodying your divinity and embracing your humanness - without ego and without apology.


    I’m receiving money and opportunities, and creating a new life for my business and myself!

     “In March when COVID hit, my business went from performing 360 activity sessions a month to zero. I was scared about my financial situation. I wanted to keep my business running and staff employed but didn’t know how to lead when I didn’t have all the answers. This work with Tracey and George, the tools and this Amazing Community helped keep me focused on the opportunities instead of the problems. They support me in being more resourceful in finding solutions and expanding into new areas. Now I’m receiving money and opportunities from unexpected sources and creating a new life for my business and myself.”  Deborah Garrett, Dana Point, California

    I’m making the changes in my life that I’ve been wanting to make for years!

    “When things shut down in March, I went from traveling across the country to deliver live events to a total standstill with clients postponing until 2021. My whole life, lifestyle and livelihood changed in an instant. This work with Tracey and George, and this Amazing Community, has helped me to see this as a beautiful opportunity to make the changes in my life that I've been wanting to make for almost two years now, and to experience my emotions about all that is going on around me without being paralyzed by it - I'm actually stronger because of it.”  Lisa Enochs, Orange County, California

    During these challenging times, I’ve brought in new clients and am closer with my husband than ever!

    “In the past, I struggled with negative self-talk. It pulled me down and colored all of my interactions and kept me from believing more in myself and my value.

    In the beginning of working with George, Tracey and the community here, I would do everything in my power to prove that I was 'right' and that I wasn't worthy by trying to push everyone away. Yet the more I pushed, the more the Amazing Community leaned in. When I realized the support I have here, I opened up. By connecting to something bigger than myself and being witnessed in this process, I've gained a ton of tools to catch my negative thoughts sooner and turn them into something more powerful by aligning my energy.”   Beth Nelson, Northern California

    I now hold a safe space for the ones I love to share their opinions freely without feeling judged or separate.

    “Very often in the past few months, I’ve been hearing conflicting opinions on almost every subject; it does not matter if it’s about health, politics or social beliefs, it seems that a choice of either being for something or against is expected. This work has helped me to be able to show up and hold a safe space for people to share their beliefs. My biggest accomplishment so far is being able to hold conversations at the dinner table where not everyone is of the same opinion and yet everyone can share freely without feeling judged or separated and where Love leads the way.” Vanesa Curuchet, Montreal, Canada

    This work helps me stay present and out of fear so I can keep moving forward.


    “Among many things, this work with Tracey and George has helped me to stay present with a situation/experience and not create stories. These tools and community help me stay out of the fear and move forward.” Susie Berez, San Diego, California


    Voices for Love

    Voices For Love, Inc. is an approved 501c3 charitable corporation created to expand consciousness, magnify impact, and spread the experience of love, kindness, and well-being in mind, body, emotion, and spirit on this planet by supporting passion projects with education, training, fund-raising, awareness, support, community, empowerment, and/or encouragement.

    Voices For Love supports conscious difference-makers engaged in work that makes the world a safer, more loving, and compassionate place for children, women, men, animals, the Earth, and all life. We support those people’s efforts, their leadership, and the loving causes they’re involved in.

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