EXPRESS Your True Self

ALIGN With Your Desires

LIVE Your Soul’s Purpose

Never before has it been more urgent to speak your truth
and share what’s in your heart.

There are invisible conversations happening around you all the time. They are impacting you and those you care deeply for. Conversations with yourself and with others.

They fly under the radar, practically invisible… unless you know where to look.

They cause chaos and confusion… if not managed accordingly.

They build bridges and heal shame and judgment, creating more love and peace… when given attention.

If you’ve found your way here, we know you want to be a catalyst for the kinds of conversations that empower, heal, and create connection.

This requires space and energy to become more self aware and learn proven tools to love your unique self. It demands intention and curiosity. Gentleness and openness. 

Let’s begin with a few questions…

How often do you second guess yourself before you speak?
How often do you question if you said the right thing?
How often do you speak to yourself in a way you’d never speak to your best friend?

These are among the questions we’ll dive into during the Free and Fully Expressed Challenge.

We’ll guide you through the universe that is uniquely you. Helping you explore personal and business conversations. Yourself. Your community. The people you serve and care about. The world. 

You’ve got this one life. You’ve got something important to say and wisdom to share, especially during these times of uncertainty. In fact, it might be more important that you use your voice now than ever before. Let's elevate the conversations you have every day!


WHEN:  From June 6th to June 10th

WHERE: The lessons will take place in our Private Facebook Group. *Recordings will be available if you can't attend live.

HOW: Click the “I’M IN!” button, and you'll receive an email with all the details.

WHAT IF I CAN’T ATTEND LIVE: The recordings will be available inside the Group during the live series.

This experience could change your life!

Imagine sharing yourself without fear or doubt holding you back…

A conversation inventory you can’t live without!

Investment: Your 100% Commitment. While the Free and Fully Expressed Challenge is FREE to attend, in order for you to receive maximum benefits and long-term transformation, you need to be all in. 

This is your permission slip to pause during these times of uncertainty and spend a few days with us to identify where you feel at a loss or struggling with what to say, and how to say it - at home, at work, all of it. 

Come awaken the passionate force deep in your belly calling to you.  

This is especially for you if you’re sensitive, empathic, care about how others feel and want people to feel safe and good around you. 

This experience begins with intimate training, plus strategies and practices you’ll take into your daily life. Let’s take a closer look at each day:

DAY 1: Being & Feeling YOU

For anything in your life to change, you must first be aware. To begin, you must connect with where you are today. Don’t worry if this clarity has escaped you before. Our simple and powerful questions will guide the way

DAY 2: Who’s In Charge?

Some inner dialog is helpful, and some isn’t. Much to our dismay, most of this happens on autopilot… until now. You can uplevel your self talk with a few gentle nudges in the right places - allow us to show you.

DAY 3: What do YOU want to Say?

Self-expression is how you share yourself with others. Saying what you feel and see should radiate love through you. Unlocking the words to express yourself is an intricate maze and fortunately for you, we have the map.

DAY 4: YOUR Unique Impact

Every conversation happening around you is absorbed into your being. Now you can shift, change, or elevate these at any time. Locate and navigate these daily encounters to bring a positive influence into your life.


Elevate Your Life with Conscious Conversations

Release lingering unconscious patterns and limitations!

Friday, June 10th


A special gathering with your fellow FREE & FULLY EXPRESSED Challengers to unlock who you are and what you want in both small and big ways. 

Stop hiding - it’s costing you money, time, relationships, opportunities, and your true purpose here on Earth.  

 Start shining your lifeforce for yourself, your family, and your work. This will change the world, no matter how big or small your personal role is… the lives you impact will impact others, starting a chain reaction only you can begin!

This masterclass will elevate your frequency! Learn how to wrap all your new practices and awareness together so you can speak your truth without pause and lead your purpose with passion.

We will record if you can’t make it live.

Meet Your Hosts

Tracey Trottenberg and George P. Kansas

Leadership and Language “Alchemists”, our work has been called the “Harvard MBA of Conscious Communication.” With over 50 years combined experience leading transformational programs and events, we’ve spoken to, trained and coached tens of thousands of people. Our passion is to support Amazing Leaders like you who want to make a genuine impact in your work, at home and in the world from ‘the inside out’ so you can Speak and Lead with Love. Our purpose is to elevate and accelerate consciousness on the planet. It is our deepest joy and greatest honor to bring proven strategies and timeless principles to your everyday life and work so you can lead and communicate in more conscious and embodied ways and live your full soul-purpose expression, especially during this time when it’s needed more than ever.

We’ll show you simple ways to be present and figure out what is right for you!

What IMPACT do you want to make?

It’s your time. Take our hand.

This is a high-touch experience.
When you sign up, you’re committing to elevate yourself and conversations to create your Amazing Life!